Pain Free Feet

The Next Step in Finding Relief from Plantar Fasciitis

*Enrollment is now OPEN, and my schedule will fill quickly. *

My program, Pain Free Feet, is a step-by-step process (with personalized support!) to find relief from plantar fasciitis for good, without any surgeries or painful treatments that don't work. 

This is the exact process that I used to get to the ROOT of the problem and find relief from my own debilitating plantar fasciitis, and it's worked wonders for many of my clients as well. 

You can see some testimonials here.. 

Do you:

✅ Experience pain in your arches or heels when you step out of bed??

✅ Go for a short hike or run and then pay for it and hurt for days after?

✅ Wake up feeling like an 80 year old as you hobble to start the coffee?

If so, I invite you to apply for a complimentary "Pain Free Feet" strategy session so you can enjoy your life again. 

Check out what these clients have said: 

"I finished your program a month ago, and I just got done with the longest run I've taken in 8 months...I just wanted to let you know that my feet feel AWESOME...I'm really excited that I'm able to run and my feet don't hurt...

If there's anyone that's on the fence about this program, give them my number and I'll tell them how awesome it is, because 


-Dan in Tennessee

"I started to feel significant relief from plantar fasciitis after just one month of Pain Free Feet!”  

“Before starting Pain Free Feet I had pain in my heel and when walking. It was preventing me from certain activities and the cost spent was around $300 total for physical therapy and arch support. Therapy didn't help, and I still was waking up in pain. After 1 month of Pain Free Feet I started to feel relief and after 2 months I was feeling no pain in the morning. Now, I'm able to walk for long periods of time with no pain and I am doing some running. In general I am much happier and my level of pain on a scale from 1 to 10 went from a 6 down to a 1!" 

— Laura Ochoa Oliva

"I started feeling relief from Heather's program just a few weeks after it started and I learned the 4 Magic Foot Stretches and Strengthening Exercises. After more time passed and I addressed the physical as well as the emotional causes I found great relief! ”  

“I had plantar fasciitis in both feet before starting the program. I was unable to exercise, wear flip flops or go barefoot. I tried multiple cortisone injections, insoles, and laser therapy treatment sessions. I was working hard stretching, icing, wearing my boots, and nothing was helping me recover. I started feeling relief from Heather's program just a few weeks after it started. On a scale from 1-10, I went from a 7 to a 1! Thank you for everything, Heather! Now, I'm back to running half marathons!" 

— Jeanine Kirkman Dickson

"After a long race my low back gets very tight, but I am happy to report that after The Flying Pig Marathon weekend (10k,5k and full marathon) I had no low back issues and my feet felt great. I was a level 9 in pain at the beginning of Pain Free Feet and now 1-2 at the end of the day!"  

"I had plantar several years ago but before that I suffered from neuromas in both feet. This led me to getting inserts and a lot of tightness in my feet. It was impacting my ability to walk! Using the stairs was painful I was going to the chiropractor and getting myofascial release, but the foot still had swelling. In December I did a trail marathon and after each lap thought I would have to quit because the pain in my left foot was so severe. I didn’t quit! I got new shoes after the first of the year but the toe was still swelling and I was just tired of the constant discomfort. I started to feel relief from plantar fasciitis after a week of Pain Free Feet. Learning the stretches, posture corrections, how to lift my arches and taping my foot has been amazing, not just for my feet but for my low back as well."  

— Susan Wesley

"I feel so much better and stronger since working with Heather!"  

"I didn't used to walk everyday and after working with Heather I walk almost 6 miles daily with my dog, Rail. I am always implementing the new things I learn from Heather into my life and my health has totally improved. I enjoy going on the wonderful adventure retreats Heather offers throughout the year and they always change my life for the better!"  

- Laura Strachan  

"My hips went from hurting to no pain at all!"  

"My hips were hurting before and after my workout with Heather. Heather suggested going home to do one of her restorative yoga session videos to restore from the workout. I did and the restorative yoga was a miracle!" 

- Hallie Sherwich Dovich 

Your Strategy Session is a 1:1 call where we will:  

  • Uncover the biggest challenges that are holding you back from being pain free.
  • Discover what you need to do to get relief from plantar fasciitis!
  • Get the clarity and courage to say YES! to you and the life you dream of having!
  • Learn what it really takes to keep plantar fasciitis away.

Every decision you make is either a step toward or away from pain free, happy feet. Don't wait any longer!!  

Apply right away. My schedule fills up quickly and I have a limited number of sessions available. 

Pain Free Feet Strategy Session Application:

You're in the right place if you are: 

  • Experiencing extreme pain and inflammation in one or both of your feet. 
  • Having trouble dealing with the stresses of life because you can't exercise in the way you want to.
  • Putting off getting help because you just aren't sure what to do or what will actually work.
  • Struggling with a consistent exercise routine because your feet are holding you back.
  • Have tried various methods to get rid of the plantar fasciitis, but it hasn't worked.  

Don't give up! Your precious feet CAN feel better!

I'm Heather Feather - an Ironman finisher, marathoner and ultramarathon runner, long-distance swimmer and triathlete. I am also an avid hiker and currently section hiking The Appalachian Trail. I am an ACE certified Personal Trainer, 500 hour trained Yoga Instructor, and Chef.  

I know hiking and running pain free is right around the corner for you! 

I know what it is like to experience plantar fasciitis. I struggled with it for years and still do if I back off of my routine. Plantar fasciitis held me back from being my strongest and made me feel frustrated. I remember running races and limping along because one of my feet hurt. It was always one or the other that held me back during races and longer hikes.  

I was suffering, but I pressed on because I didn’t know how to fix it for good and thought I just had to put up with it. I had a hard time slowing down. Exercise began to feel like a struggle rather than a fun opportunity for growth and adventure. But, I've turned it around and I am passionate about helping others do the same.

  I look forward to serving you in the Pain Free Feet Discovery Session!  

All my love and so excited for you to have Pain Free Feet!  

To Pain Free Feet, Heather Feather